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WTT: 5lug weld DL's biggie/skinnies for v6 mustang wheels/tires

weld draglites
f 15x3.5 70% tread
r 15x8 70% tread
fronts are 8/10 condition (very good condition)
rears are 5/10 condition (definitely have some knicks, and are drilled for slicks)
unsure of backspacing but fronts fit 94-98 no problems. 99-04 as well with spacers (included). the caliper sticks out more in the 99+.


you can have two centercaps i have but they are in crappy condition.

i want silver or polished (decent condition) 00-04 15x7 or 99-04 16x7.5 wheels and decent tires.

come trade with me.

400 firm.

*solT* MT Drags 26x8.5-15 *solT* bighoss

they're on 15x7 polished v6 wheels (5 lug).

for the 6 months or so i've had them i've put about 10 passes on them. when i bougth them the last guy said he put between 8 and 12 passes on them.

60 firm for wheels/tires.

*sold* WTT: 8.8 w/ 4.10s for your 7.5 *sold* corrupted

350 w/ trade
01 gt's 8.8, has 3k originally and about 15k from me. <20k. gears installed 15k miles ago by fred bingham Blue91 in houston. no whining, no problems, tlok fine. ford racing gears.

*sold* WTT: 99 Cobra taillights for your stockers *sold* bandit

i bought the kit from karkraft for about 300 i think.

100 firm and help me do the wiring.

*solT* WTT: 01+ 'tinted' headlights for your 99-00 regular clears *solT* some old guy

swap headlights with me. mine are in great condition, were installed in 2001.

75 obo... and you have to help with labor intensive swap... it could take a whole day. bring your tools.


94-98 3.8 56mm tb & linkage

make offer

94-98 3.8 upper/lower p/p intakes

gasket matched, bolt bumps removed, weld seams removed
gain at least 10rwhp/10rwtq on your 94-98 3.8

i will try to get pictures. there are pretty good intakes.

350 + cores
less for a friend

99-04 ghetto mac cai

included: (everything needed)
hose clamps
tb-maf pipe (has plug in the hole tapped for n2o)
maf-fenderwell pipe
home depot pipe
large k&n filter


WTT: 99-04 3.8 mac shorties for your stockers

paid 250 in 2001 (feel free to PM me calling me stupid, just don't clutter the thread ;) ).

100 firm if you'll help swap.

WTT: 25% UD pulley for 99-00 1/2 3.8 for stock

swap crank pullies and belts with me. 99-00 1/2 only.

note this is for a V6.

i spent 25 for the gates brand belt (96.6") and 180 for the pulley/harmonic balancer.

125$ firm.

'94 3.8 shortblock

i was told the motor ran fine until the guy put a splitport v6 in his car. 80-90k miles. you can have a tensioner, idler pulley, etc. it's been sitting in my air conditioned storage room for a few months.



MM LCA's...
3 mos on car, were new. spherical bushings on axle side/poly on frame side. spring perch and sway bar mount.

make offer.

~40k mi old b&m ripper shifter will fit all t5 trannies

make offer, and i'll need a stock replacement.

everything back on sale this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY. (humor, not actually on sunday )


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Corrupted said:
Just got home from installing my
8.8" rear end with 4.10s and sway bar.. etc

Man... that's alot of work :feedback:: but it's a good feeling when you are done.

Great doing business with you Austin.

Everyone else--Go do business with Austin, did a hell of a lot of work helping me take off and swap our two rear axles and it's definately no walk in the park. (and he is a nice person)

*COUGH* so everyone buy his <strike>crap</strike> great products before he gets rid of his car :)

edit: **** you html tags

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