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And what a good time I had too. I went with my grand mother as part of my 21st Birthday present (yes, it's alomst 2 years late, but oh well).

We stayed at the Ramada, for 2 nights, and she showed me the ropes of how to make Gambling fun.

I went with 200 bucks. Came back with 183... and thats gambling for at least 8 hours a day. But those 17 dollars were sell spent.... 47 Jack and cokes over the 3 day period! No lie. (besides, there were small glasses with lots of ice).

I have discovered that blackjack is my game of choice. I find a 2$ - 3 dollar table, and I can sit there at the table, not move for 4 hours, and not play any more than 20 bucks.... Hell, thats cheaper than takign my GF to the movies!!!

Got free drinks, free rooms, and free meals :D.

It's a lot different than Las Vegas. Not as busy, and a lot.... calmer.

I liked it :D

Besides, there was this REALLY hot waitress (Heather) that I kept going back to the cafe to go catch a glipmse at. And no... I didnt take her picture, I did not get her phone number, and I didnt hook up with her. :rolleyes:

I'm spoken for. :)
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