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A girl I am seeing got me my xmas gift of installing my new amp and running a new rca for this amp directly for the subs

There was only one set of RCA's run from my stereo to my amps. I got this Kicker 500SS amp for my Kicker L7 Solo Baric 10" woofers.

I had a CRUNCH 800x2 amp and 200a4 RF amp. I changed the CRUNCH to this KICKER one I got, ran new RCA cable to is and the others stayed on the 200a4 RF amp. So now I have complete sub control at 4ohms! These subs kick some major ass, i can't even imagine at 2ohm!!

I put the sub up to +8 (out of 15) and all my highs up. Sweet mother of jesus it gets brother told me before he heard it, "i want my system to pound with bass and the highs up and in your face!" I turned my system on for him and you could barely hear him say, "YEAH LIKE THAT!!! HELL YEAH IT HITS MUCH HARDER NOW!"

Gotta love Kicker baby!!!
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