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i just want to run this by a couple of you that would know. a friend of mine builds motors but it's always good to double and triple check things that he or anyone says to avoid pains later. today he gave me some goodies i'm going to use on the build up but i need some help!

i have some 351w truck rods now, and i'm planning on converting them to full floating and shaving the ridge off of the side and maybe shorten the balancing surfaces on the top and bottom. i was advised to only shorten it some and mainly cut off the small end's knub as it is pretty long.

there is a bump on the in-side of the beam towards the big end. supposedly this is for oiler motors to squirt oil at the bottom of the piston, but these aren't drilled i guess because it's not need for the motor it was in. since it is in the dead middle, it shouldn't affect rotational or lateral stresses, so should i leave it or take it off?

also, i am going to have it internally balanced, and i hear the 4.2 oil pans don't clear our k members, and that 3.8 SC's won't work because it won't bolt/seal the same as a non SC mustang 3.8? what should i do if i will be using my 94 block for the build up? i have a complete (daily driver) 00 motor 3.8 and 94 shortblock to pull from, including oil pan for both.
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