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I dropped off my 2014 GT (only 1900 miles on the car at the time) on Saturday morning and picked it up yesterday, the car looks amazing!!! Here's a list of what I had done:

  • Wash
  • Clay Bar
  • Polish
  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Pro Ceramic Coating
I had this done mostly because I was curious to see how this would stand up on a daily driven vehicle to see if it was worth the money (roughly $1,100). Obviously black cars are the most painful to keep clean and this product is marketed to last 5-7 years or more. With no need for a wax to be applied to the car and minimal time spent washing, this definitely peaked my interest since I am usually pretty busy doing other things. All of this work was done by Eric at Tru Shine Inc. here in Nashville, TN.

Moving forward I will try and keep this thread updated in order to track the progress.

Here are some before an after pics (no filters):
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