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Just thought I'd say hello before I start poking my head around the forums. I was I very active on a few forums for a long time but kind of drifted away from them for a few years and have been looking for a little while for a new forum to call home. I kind of stumbled upon this forum from a few different recommendations and am glad to see it is quite active (seems to be an issue with a lot of forums.) Anyway, I've been a die hard mustang guy since I got a '92 LX 5.0 in H.S. that I had until this past fall. I sold it after much back and forth on if I wanted to dump a bunch of money/time/sweat into it or move on to a more current Mustang. Needless to say, I upgraded to a 2006 GT ( both black of course.) I'd love an even newer one but have to admit the retro styling and the price they are available for is what sold me. I pretty much am into every kind of Mustang though and like the diversity of this site.

Anyway, I'll post up a quick pic of my current Mustang and look forward to having a good time and hope I can help contribute!

BTW, my GT is mostly stock save for a Steeda Cowl Hood, CDC front splitter, GT 500 rear spoiler, Eleanor grille, OEM HID lights off an '07, JLT CAI, O/R X to Pypes M80 midpipe, Pypes Violators axle-back, 3.55 gears, bunch of Kenny Brown Suspension pieces, Hurt short throw, and random little dress up items.

Anyway, if anyone is still reading this thanks in advance for the welcome!

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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