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Hey everyone. I’m Cole. Came to this forum looking for help, so I want to express my appreciation to this community!

I’m from Los Angeles, California and 30 degrees is really cold to me. I do Heating and air conditioning for a company out of Hunington Beach. Before HVAC, I was going to school for automotive collision repair, but I decided against that as a career path for specific reasons.

I drive an 08 V6, in ‘Alloy’ (dark gray) with a full GT500 body kit (and badging courtesy of the previous owner) The most interesting Mod to it is an 8.8 swap in preparation for MORE POWER (but the 8.8 I got has 2.75 gears so it’s even slower than before).

I don’t know if you guys have heard of PlastiDip, but my car has been dipped twice, red, and blue and I’ve got a really cool color lined up next. I’m just waiting to get the car running first.

feel free to ask any questions. Thanks everyone for supporting the mustang community
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