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Hey I'm new here.. I came over from it was trash. I was referred here by 97stallion?? i think that was it. anyways i would like to get a list of mods for my 96 v6 stang. also, I need to know all exhaust systems that you guys have... and if at all possible some sound clips.. thanks.
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What do you mean by list of mods????

Where in B'ham do you live. I lived there for a while. I visit Hoover every couple of months
This thread might help u:

Most people will tell u that when modding your car, start with getting a dual exhaust. What u get really depends on personall preference and how much u are willing to spend.
I'm just right across the state line here in MS, and I say it's time for another meet lol
Ya, it was me that refered this site. (See I do my part):D Anyways, welcome and we'll get you on track. And unlike your previous board their is experience and knowledge here. Anyways, what kinda list do you want, meaning what are your goals? We'll try to get you there the cheapest and fastest possible way.

P.S. Make a post in my post in the other forum so people know I wasn't spamming. :p:
mississippi from southaven
I've got sound clips of my exhaust on here somewhere... I can find them if you're interested... I've only heard compliments on it. 2.5'' exhaust from the cats all the way to the tips... which are 3.5''. I had it custom bent under the rear axles. And I'm running Magnapack mufflers. Got them from ... they aren't listed for sale I don't believe, but just send them an e-mail, and they can hook you up. I got a custom h-pipe too.... but yeah, it's loud and low.... and rumbles the seat and the steering wheel :D... sounds not much like a 6, and just screams at WOT
Well..I'm from Greenville, go to school at MSU, and I'm always anywhere inbetween lol. Grenada, Hattiesburg, Cleveland, Columbus...always somewhere lol
And hey ******...where'd you get your h-pipe from? I'm trying to build up a side exhaust and about the only thing I lack is a h-pipe...
I added you to my AOL list, ummmm, I went to a muffler shop and had them do it. Cost me all of $30. They drilled holes in my exhaust.. split their drill IN HALF, not the bit, the drill. anyway, they cut out a 2.5'' hole in each side of the tubing near where the two come close together after the cats, and just stuck a peice of exhaust tubing up in there... and welded it of course. But yeah, it works pretty well. And I didn't pay $180 for it. That's what I would suggest doing if possible.
Im from birmingham also. trying to fix up my 98 bright atlantic blue stang v6. just cant decide where to start either about an old thread brought back to life
meteorachick said: about an old thread brought back to life
Lots of new people lately, myself included! :)
This thread is from the year of my car. :uhh:
I am in the birmingham area, go to and sign up and get in on some of our events and such. I am sure this forum and the locals can help you make your car really nice, also bright atlantic blue is a great color.

Since this is an old thread I will have to close it, but feel free to post an introduction in the introduction area.
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