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Help! Clutch issue

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So i was driving home from work today and my mustang was driving what felt to be just fine, well i stopped at a light and waited for it to turn green. When it changed i went to go push my clutch in to put it in gear and i felt like the clutch pedal drastically changed. Everything about it. It catches so much quicker it feels like, the pedal feels softer, and so much shorter than before. Sounds odd and its hard to explain but im just wondering if anyone knows what might be going on or any tips

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Car has 104k miles, not sure if clutch ever replaced, makes kind of squeaking sound when letting clutch pedal out
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Not sayin it supposed to be like this but both my stangs have felt like this. My 96v6 and my 04 gt
It might just be the way im explaining it haha but there was a huge difference in the clutch pedal in a matter of like 30 secs its ridiculous haha
No i think i know what ur sayin. I think my clutch is bipolar lol
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