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OK, So for the last 5 Months I have gone to all ends to attempt to fix issues with my 2010 V6 Coupe (Front end) suspension. The issues I had before were, tons of play in the steering, Loud clunks over bumps, and really terrible suspension over bumps with it just hitting them like a rock instead of going easily over (small) bumps like a normal car.

Being myself I have done the work by myself with YouTube as my guide and occasionally calling the ford dealer and friends for other advice to save money and make it how I wanted for way cheaper installs but not cheap on parts so I am pretty familiar with the front suspension of my car by now.

So far I have replaced:
New Front Struts - With Roush Mono-tube racing struts
New Strut Mounts - With GT500 replacement strut mounts
New Sway bar - The dealer did this when I bought it (When I first noticed the noise)
New Rack and Pinion - Just the OEM replacement
New Tie Rods - Moog Brand
And new wheels are tires just to make the ride quality the best and I wanted them anyways for practical reasons of course.

Problems solved:
Steering Wheel Play
Bad hard hitting suspension over bumps

Problems I still have:
Annoying clunk noise in front end over bumps.

Edit: Also the clunk noise was gone after I installed the new struts and strut mounts a month ago and now it’s back and getting a little worse after the last week and and half. I thought it was the messed up rack and pinion but I was wrong.

It sounds like it is coming from the strut area (Sometimes on the driver side and sometimes both) but I have no clue if I installed something wrong or if something like a ball joint or bushing needs replaced.

The car has 93k Miles just as an FYI

I'm not sure if there is something I have not tightened correctly and is lose or if I just haven't replaced all the right parts yet. If any of you guys have any idea or thoughts I would love to hear them.

Also another quick random question to anyone that knows, one of my internet buddies bought me a set of shorty headers as a bday gift as he claimed that would make my car louder and more "powerful". Is there anything else I should know before installing them. It looks like a simple unbolt and bolt on to me.

This is the car -
If you haven't got this fixed have you done the inner tie rod end links? They will especially make clunking noise that sounds like a strut. And it's almost worse over gravel than it is an actual bump.
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