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Hey, ya'll

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New to the forum, not as new to my mustang. And not as new as I sometimes wish I were, when it comes to working on cars.
I learned how to do a tune up, when I in 1st grade and snowballed from there.
I'm 34 if that gives you an idea 😆 I now build and repair audio systems as my second profession. Not because I need the income, but because I enjoy it. Some guys build and repair engines, I build audio systems.

I rebadged my Mustang (Babygirl) to BMW.... Sorry, but I'm not a super-fan of Fords in general, but I do love Mustangs....🤷‍♂️
It's become a bit of a running joke with a few folks i know.

Looking forward to learning new things, getting new ideas, and helping where I can. If you have audio system questions, I’m here to help (hopefully).

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Welcome and thank you for joining MustangEvolution!
Please read the Site Rules if you haven’t already.
I encourage you to complete your Account Settings.
If you need help posting? Please read this FAQ.

We’re happy you’ve chosen to join our community.

You won’t get a lot of welcome posts here. It’s not because MEVO members aren’t friendly, they are. It’s because our forums are rather slow moving. We have tons of readership, but unfortunately, most of them seldom post.

To my fellow MEVO readers. I’ve known FD for a while on other forums, and recruited him to help with audio related questions. He absolutely is, a custom audio guru, and system builder/fabricator. We’re lucky to have him here, to share his knowledge and experience.
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