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New to the forum, not as new to my mustang. And not as new as I sometimes wish I were, when it comes to working on cars.
I learned how to do a tune up, when I in 1st grade and snowballed from there.
I'm 34 if that gives you an idea 😆 I now build and repair audio systems as my second profession. Not because I need the income, but because I enjoy it. Some guys build and repair engines, I build audio systems.

I rebadged my Mustang (Babygirl) to BMW.... Sorry, but I'm not a super-fan of Fords in general, but I do love Mustangs....🤷‍♂️
It's become a bit of a running joke with a few folks i know.

Looking forward to learning new things, getting new ideas, and helping where I can. If you have audio system questions, I’m here to help (hopefully).

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