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Hey my fellow stangs, I am just waiting for my hi/low headlight and fog lights to come in. I ordered 35watt 5k pure white color. I am so stoked to finally get some good visibility, the stock headlight are weak and dim. Will post pictures when they come in and get installed. She should be look 100x better with hids here within the next week. Thanks
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thanks for the update i guess lol :good: you should enjoy them
Usually on OEM lamps. 55W cause literal MELTING of most aftermarket housing. Running 35W (which is PLENTY) is the best way to curb housing melt. I have the single bulb 35W kit from stang net for my head lights. They are fantastic.
i run 55w in fog housings without melting...remember not everyone has the melting issue :good: ...bout to upgrade my 35w headlights back to 55w
i can agree on that....raxiom housings are prone to melting
What kit? Any ballast warranties?
swap the ballasts around and see if the issue follows :good: that'll let you know if it's a ballast issue
Check out
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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