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Hey my fellow stangs, I am just waiting for my hi/low headlight and fog lights to come in. I ordered 35watt 5k pure white color. I am so stoked to finally get some good visibility, the stock headlight are weak and dim. Will post pictures when they come in and get installed. She should be look 100x better with hids here within the next week. Thanks
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swap the ballasts around and see if the issue follows :good: that'll let you know if it's a ballast issue
I've switched the ballasts and nothing. I've tried so many things now haha. I think I'll just leave them as is if they go out I'll just buy a better quality kit or something. They are fine until they fully warm up so idk.
Just buy a complete new set, it's only 30 dollars
Check out
Make sure you have a good connection to your ground. I bought the Kensun kit and had a buzzing from the relay, moved my ground wire to a different location and it fixed the buzzing. I never had flickering though.

Are both flickering at the same time?
Yes both are. One they are warm after like 15 seconds they flicker. I have a relay and a capacitor hooked up and it didn't change anything.
Check out
Also try Sonic Eletronix I have race sport extremes and no issues. Yeah it could be you need a better kit.
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll just order a new kit.
You have the relay connected to the positive on the battery? You shouldn't be getting any flickering with a relay. If its connected properly return the kit. Was it an amazon purchase? They have those xentec kits for $30-40 bucks.
Yeah it's connected to the battery. I even connected a capacitor for the relay but neither helped. I'll just get another kit I guess. Thanks!
No I got it from eBay. And yeah it's connected to the positive terminal. I even added a capacitor but neither worked. I'll just get another kit. Thanks!
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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