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hood came in

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Finally got my hood in today she will be off for paint tomorrow.

Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Car Hood

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Car Hood
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Thanks going to install my new dvd player sometime today. Just need to lower her now not going to low as you can see my chin spoiler is pretty low already. And I have a huge dip in my driveway
Dvd player as in Head Unit?
Is that a Pioneer? How much was it? Does it have bluetooth or AUX connection? Im shopping for my 05 GT.
Yes, pioneer. Avhp4400bh. Has bluetooth, aux in the back. HD radio. Capable of gps, rearview camera. Best head unit ive ever bought.
How much was it?
About 500 i believe. Not too bad for everything it does.
WOW! Ebay, here I come! Did you install it yourself?
Go to sonicelectronics. Spelling may be off but go to google and search and you will know which one. They give you wiring harness and dash kit for free. And yes, very simple. Just match the colors and your good to go.
1 - 6 of 73 Posts
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