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hood came in

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Finally got my hood in today she will be off for paint tomorrow.

Automotive exterior Vehicle Bumper Car Hood

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Car Hood
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I want that hood, it's looks great. Does it seem to fit well and seem durable?
Yes surprising it does fit well and very durable
Definitely post pics when you get it back from being painted. Since your horse is the same color it will give me a good idea how it will look on mine. Is it the one from AM?
I will no its from a store on ebay. The ram air is built in on this one. Its a good company you just have to inspect the hood when its delivered. If any problems dont accept it. All the bad reviews they have was people not checking it before hand. Mine came in flawless condition.

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Is that the Shelby hood?
Its a trufiber gts v4 pretty much a gt500 replica.

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That's the same hood I am looking to get. From the pic it looks like it has holes for hood pins? Is that right?
Yes its been pre drilled for the hood pins that I have.
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Well I dropped it off at the painters and found out it had waves in it. He told told me thats a common thing in fiberglass or aftermarket hoods. Im still happu though he was going to do it for 250 now it just 500.00 still not bad. Thats what I was expecting to pay anyway.
It's fiberglass. Its not going to be 100% smooth. It's going to have some waves in it and that's why it has to be sanded down until its smooth and then painted. Mine came straight from trufiber and has some waves in it as well.
Yeah I didnt know this is my first time ever buying a hood. So this is all new to me. Im not dissapointed though. It still looks great and im sure they will work their magic in making it look great. I would still buy the hood if I was to do it all ovet again.
It's not uncommon to have to do some body work on fiberglass. If there is a warp, there could be one in their mold. There's a little prep work and it'll look great. They will probably use a high build primer and do a little filling if necessary.
Even when he was showing me it didnt look too bad. He even said hes seen worse. Im not complaing though for the price I cant. Also the dealership is doing it but I know people up there thats why its cheap.
Beautiful! whats the companies name?
Looks great. I think I want that one too. How much was it and does it only come pre-drilled for hood pins?
It was 630.00 and yes it was pre drilled for the hood pins.
Ok heres the finished product. Finally had time to pick her up today. Looks amazing Im really happy with it. Just have to install the hood pins and buy the wiper nozzle relocater kit I didnt think about that one.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Automotive exterior

Vehicle Hood Car Automotive exterior Bumper

Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Tire Hood
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Looks amazing man!
Thanks going to install my new dvd player sometime today. Just need to lower her now not going to low as you can see my chin spoiler is pretty low already. And I have a huge dip in my driveway
That looks GREAT! I love the way the forced air grills line up with the front grill. Your headlight mods look really good as well. All in all, nicely done front end of your car.
Thanks I still have a lot more work but she came a long way from stock
Hood looks amazing, do you have a cai to work with the ram air?
Yes I have an airaid
Make a difference having ram air now?
Cant tell yet I just drove it up the street we been having nasty weather so she in the garage
Nice. Now get some stripes on that sucker. That would look nice on that hood.
Thats already in the works. Going with the black super snake stripe. Too many stangs here have double strips
By far one of the sickest mustangs I've seen.
Thanks man really appreciate it
I been looking into that same hood but some people say it throws out codes. Nice STANG by the way
Thanks and I havent had a problem yet been driving for a couple of days now.
That look damn good man!
Thanks cant wait to get her out but we getting snow so she stays in the garage and ill drive the wifes car
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