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How can i find out how much my car is worth?

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it is a 2006 limited edition mustang 5 of 500
it is black with white racing stripes.
it has a shaker 2000 system... stock
it has the pony package
it is only a v6
but how do i find the value of a limited edition car?
mileage is 28500
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The guides like Kelly Blue Book might not be accurate on a limited production car. A V6 Mustang isn't super valuable but one of 500 might be worth a little more to someone.
Look at the kelly blue book online or go to your bank. The value the kelly blue book provides for your car in not the actual value you might get for it. It all depends on the market. Also you have a V-6 and most consumers that buy a Mustang wants a V-8.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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