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i just need the list of parts needed and mabey a few tips cause ive never done it, its a 1996 mustang, 3.8 V6, and dont start telling me oh why would you do that, its to expensive, i have the money and i have my reasons why im doing it. any helps appreiciated. thanks.

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Scott M did a great job of listing whats needed for a 71, BUT! Your car is in the age of electronics and computers. The 96 mustang uses a 4R70W transmission. The 4R70W is controlled by the cars ECU (computer), not by the shifter.

1. correct for transmission and engine ECU
2. Wiring
3. gear selector switch
4. speed sensor for trans and rear gear ratio
5. matching drive shaft and output yoke
6. transmission mount
7. transmission cross member
8. starter( manual starter will not work, the gear is in a different place.
9. kick-down switch
10. console
11. shifter and linkage
12. brake pedal Assembly
13. 4R100W, torque converter, flex-plate,cooling lines
14. Radiator
15. matching engine sensor and controls

There maybe others such as down pipes, y-pipe and converters.

there is probably more but I don't have a part book. It is not as simple as it sounds. Contact a junk yard and tell them what you are doing. They can pull everything as a package.

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Best way would to find a junk Mustang that is near the same year with the same engine that has a stick.

This way, you can get the transmission, drive shaft, bell housing, flywheel, clutch linkage, throw out bearing, shift linkage, starter, pedal assembly, etc. Take any hardware and bolts from the donor car as these may be different from the automatic.

Unless the clutch disk, pressure plate, and throw out bearing are in excellent condition on the donor car, replace these with new parts.

Once you accumulate all of the parts it is only a matter of removing the automatic transmission and related parts and installing the manual transmission.

It may take a little research to make the clutch starter lockout switch to work.

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I did it on my '71, much better for daily driving.

On my car, the drive shaft fit for either transmission, you'll want to check that out before you go through the expense. Wiring should plug right in also. Take out the pilot bearing when you pull the manual transmission.

Other items:
Kickdown linkage
Brake pedal and support.
Transmission cooler and lines, your exsiting radiator may already have the cooler -- look for two holes that have been capped.
New shifter and brake lockout.
Rear mount
Flex plate, use same size as your flywheel to keep the starter
Torque converter
Automatic transmission that doesn't need the computer.
Access plate

You'll need to have your car tuned to so the idle takes into account the transmission load. Otherwise your car will die at the lights.

Hope this helps you down the right road....

Good Luck, you'll like it after you're done!

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when you buy the auto trans get the wiring,shifter,and flywheel plus the driveshaft..
remove trans clutch,pressureplate and flywheel.
driveshaft and clutch pedal.
you could replace the brake pedal but dont have to, to work rite.
now under your hood on firewall is your wiring for trans plug
unplug it remove it
all is out.
now since all cars are made in factory for man or auto your wiring and ecm has everything to plug a auto trans wiring in to factory harness.
put in flywheel,trans,driveshaft,and shifter.
plug in wiring on firewall to harness.
your crossmember will be same just need to move to holes in frame for auto it longer than manual just move it bk to bk holes and rebolt it .
congrads you did it !!!lol hope this helps

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>> how do you swap trans from manual to automatic?

Basically sell your manual and buy an automatic - serious.

The quality of the car AFTER the swap is often crappy - because it often depends on the skill level of the mechanic. And it would be actually less problem and cheaper to do that (12 year old car).

Good Luck...
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