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Now I'm not getting it at that price a friend of mine is getting it for me pretty cheap. I think it looks good I went into his shop and saw it today the pictures good and well the price just can't be beat. So what do you guys think, go for it?

Ok on to the second part


I went into my friends shop today and was raving about this brand. He says they have some of the best stuff he's ever seen. He even went as far to say that there subs are better than JL's. Now I don't know much about stereos but if I remember JL is one of the best at subs. He told me about a scion that came in with 2 JL 12's that's all he told me and they swapped in 1 Memphis 10" and it blew away the JL. So has anyone heard of this brand?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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