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How hard is it to put a v8 into a 4cyl 1974 mustang?

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like a 302 or a 351??????

there is a 1974 mustang all orignal running for like $2000 and its in great condition.
i want to buy it and drop a v8 into there but how hard/ how muc hwill it cost?including motor tranny suspension EVERTHING
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You'll need another Mustang II with a V8 to be a donor.

Doing it piece by piece is going to end up costing more than a "real" Mustang with a V8.

The good news is that you should be able to find a 76-78 Mustang II V8 fairly cheap. You won't need to be concerned with body or interior. Just whether or not all the running gear is there. It doesn't even need to run really.(Because if I recall correctly the 70's Mustang 302 is only good for about 125 hp're going to want more.)

You'd really have to have an exceptional 1974 Mustang II to start with to make it worthwhile. Since it didn't come with the 2.8l Cologne V6, I'm almost certain you do not have a Mach 1 and the Cobra sticker package didn't come out until later.
The good news is that it's a 1974. No catalyst!

All V8 Mustang IIs were originally automatic. I've seen Mustang IIs with later model (ie: Fox body) fuel injection and T5 manual transmission. I have no idea how much fabrication this took. Probably quite a bit and again would require a Fox body 'stang donor.
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they made a lot of changes in 75 to get the v8 in it..Like move the radiator forward, so be prepared..
im not sure how much it will cost you because it depends on what you want motor wise but as far as droping it in its not horriable but its time consuming but its also not easy you will have to move somethings around like previously stated
You'll have to change everything since the 4 banger's running gear is too light to handle a V8.
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