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I currently own a 2005 4.0 6 Cylinder Mustang, with a few light mods. She currently has 91,000 miles. I do like to get on it and suprise people now and again at the occassional stoplight, but don't drive overly aggressively. She has had a couple of minor accidents, some crazy lady hit me near the college campus parking lot and the bumper was cracked by a coyote, but both have been fixed. With regular oil changes (I've been using full synthetic about every 6,000 miles) how long do you think it will be good for?

I know there is no magical way to tell, 200k is pretty common now for most cars barring major accidents or odd failures, but just curious. I want to keep a mustang as a project car as grew up with them and love them, but I may consider a trade-in in a few years if I find a really good deal on one.
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