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i want to know a break down price of how much in increments of whatever is born in this hood the mustang is a 2007 so the price of car and then whatever and can i do all this work my self and how long will it take please describe details thank you to allllll

pics to 900hp stang

heres blog about car

Pure Power Motorsports created the Shadrach to commemorate two Super Stock racing legends Hubert Platt and Randy Payne, a twin-turbo Mustang that boasts 900 hp and the necessary hardware to put that power to the ground.

Starting with a new 2006 Mustang GT, the team stripped the car down to the shell. The engine, built by Al Moody Racing Engine, consists of the OEM block and CNC-ported 3-valve heads stuffed with some aftermarket forged parts. Up top sits a vintage-looking Kinsler velocity stack injection unit, with two injectors per cylinder. A pair of scrolls from Precision Turbo provides the pressurized intake charge, which is then cooled by a water-to-air intercooler setup. A T56 six-speed manual has the unenviable task of directing all of this power rearward.

Think not that the rest of the vehicle has been neglected in the pursuit of power. Ohlins dampers connect to a variety of AJE and Metco suspension parts, while a set of huge Brembo brakes slow things down. A Strange 9? Ford rear axle puts the power to the hopelessly overworked rear wheels.

The exterior gets treated to a Shadrach body kit, a trick side-exhaust systems, a monstrous Pro Stock-like wing, a set of 20? rollers, and vintage “The Going Thing” graphics. Inside lie a 6-point roll bar, a pair of leather-wrapped Recaro seats, and more carbon fiber than the average aerospace plant. Of course, Mr. Platt and Mr. Payne signed on the dash once everything was to their liking.
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