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Trick flow stage 2 cam
Trick flow heads 2.02 in 1.6 ex
Arp head studs
Trick flow track heat upper and lower intake
Trick flow harden 1.67 push rods
Trick flow roller rockers 1.6
Crane hardened guide plates
Ford motor sport 24# injectors
BBK 70 mm Throttle Body
BBK elbow for 1994 95 conversion intake
C & L hard tube
Pro M Chrome Mass Air 70mm calaberated for 24lbs Injectors
Msd Distributor billet for the 1995 computer controlled
Crane HIgh 6 s with coil and proper plugs
BBK Long tube headers
BBK Off road x - pipe
BBK Upper and lower control arms for rear
1989 Linc on mark 8.8 rear end with 3.73 gears fresh clutches and heavy duty spring w/lsd (now as strong as a 9 " )12" vented disks and new calipers !!!!!!!
Griffin Radiator
March Billet pulleys water alt crank
Custom idler Pulleys x 2
Trick flow gaskets kit

the owner said he is pulling 12s easily on the track but never told me if it was ever dyno'd i just want to see if the timing he's telling is accurate

its sitting on slicks and its a automatic

i will be upgrading it to a b&m auto shifter will that help the cars use of performance more?

not an expert on mods but im purchasing a 95 mustang with a whole bunch of mods just looking for an estimate of how much horses this is pulling with this set up please let me know thanks!!!

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Well I can guess at it. But it varies from car to car. I would simply pay to have it dynoed.

I would guess a good 320 horses and maybe 360 torque.
The time would seem reachable for a good driver with good reaction time. it would be high 12s though not low 12s.
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