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it has 80k miles very very fast paint on hood is chipped in some spots interior is cherry great stereo system. heres what its got in it... All brand new not even broken in (10 miles on it since install) i have to sell it sadly and i know im going to take a large loss...

Crane Roller rockers 300
Gaskets 82
Head bolts 40
Shift Light 40
Header bolts 53
Dist Cap 23
MSD Ignition 320
Valve Covers 154
Sub Frame Connectors 130
Afr 185 street heads 1412
Line Lock 89
Roll Cage 275
Ignition wiring 45
Be Cool radiator 339
BBK Regulator 100
155 LPH fuel pump 88
Summit injectors 250
BBK Throttle body 300
Performer RPM2 Intake up+lower 637
Morroso Cold air 104
E-303 Cam 177
Granatelli MAF 230
Hurst Shifter 186
Gears 414
Flow Master catback 300
Pulleys 51
Lifters 90
Headers 230
Push Rods 35
Smoked headlights 215
Kumho ecsta 368

Total amount in parts 7077
price paid for car 3500
Total amount invested 10577

thanks for your help

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Do you have any pictures of the car? It's pretty hard to appraise a car from a description and a big list of parts.

My guesstimate for the car's value is $7,500-$9,500 depending some determinant factors. The car isn't supercharged, but it sounds like a very serious 5.0 motor with A.F.R. heads and every bolt on in the book. You didn't mention the horsepower but people will pay for horsepower. If your 5.0 is putting out 400 horsepower, than that's easily worth a couple more grand to buyers.

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Kelly blu book says $2700 if in excellent condition. Unfortunately all the extras you added don't raise the value of the car, unless you can find a buyer in the very small market of modifieds, but even then it's tough to find anyone with the same interests to get some of your investment back. You should keep it and enjoy it.

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Actually, I respectfully disagree with William. Although the book value of the car will not change with your mods, resale value will def. go up. I would tack on an additional $1500 to a generous $2000 on top of the KBB of the car, if I were buying. Unfortunately, now is not really the time to sell a high performance Mustang. Spring time (when racing is starting up) is the best time to sell one.
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