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How much would my 1982 mustang worth?

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It has a 302 boss and I was told that there were only 500 of this model made
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Actually...depending on what kind of shape it's in it could fetch a lot. I'm not familiar with a specific 302 Boss model, but the 302 (5.0) GT model can go for about 7k in excellent shape, 13k in like new condition.

The down side is that 1980-1987 were pretty bad years for Ford and most cars and trucks were notoriously unreliable. Getting someone to actually buy it at those prices...all I can say is good luck.
It would depend on the condition of the car and the documents that support it. The 79-93 foxbody plateform has a pretty good following. I'd try out some foxbody mustang forums and ask some of the guys about it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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