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took my car to a mechanic and they installed a new starter and headers on my 1967 mustang. the starter literally fell out twice. It is hard to get up in there as the headers are welded right below the starter. I had a whining sound from my starter and would not start the car. I put a longer bolt on and tightened it down. now when i try to start my car I hear and feel a loud bang. coming from the starter. I did some research and found that I need to shim the starter. I did notice that there were two washers between the starter and mount. I am not sure how to shim a starter. can anyone tell me the correct way? or tell me what exactly the problem is? Initially when I tried to start my car it turned over and ran fine for a few moments but then the idle was too low and it stalled on me. when I tried to restart all i heard was a whining from the starter. That is when I found that the starter wasnt even mounted. I then Tightened it and that is when I started getting the loud bang.
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