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Purchased a Silverhorse Billett fuel door, brushed black from a Mustang supplier who will remain anonymous until I get some questions answered. It just came today, but too late to call anyone about this. I opened the box which was in good shape. It was packed with crumpled paper, plenty of it. Inside was a box from Silverhorse. In this box was the fuel door, wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap. There was no packing material other than a Silverhorse catalog and instructions to keep it from moving around. I was so excited to get it, but that ended when I opened it. The highest point which is the raised center of the door had fine scratches running against the grain. On the back, it looked like someone took a grinder to the 11-12 o'clock area and the 5-7 o'clock area. The ground area was painted or coated, but very rough, like a grinding Metabo wheel was used against it. There was also a long scratch along the center of the door lengthwise.

I want to first call Silverhorse and ask is this how they ship a $100 fuel door. If they say no, then I'll call the dealer and ask for a swap or outright return, because I may have got a used one. I work Very Hard to keep my black SVT Cobra as scratch free as possible. I don't want to put a new piece on pre scratched. To anyone with any experience with these, is this how they are ground to fit different model years? Will I be hard pressed to find a perfect one in black on the outside surface? I bought Silverhorse because my research lead me to believe they were the best. I will give them and the dealer a chance to correct this before I blame either place. Thanks for any feedback, Spiney-Dave
I have a number of black anodized billet interior parts including door handles. They all came wrapped completely in bubble wrap and looked flawless.

Call shr directly and complain. I doubt the "supplier" swapped it. Sounds like someone at shr just was lazy and rushed their work. They normally have really good stuff.

They hook you up (maybe with some free stuff if you push the issue).
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