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I failed :( (Plasti-Dip)

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1. Peel tape when wet
2. use multiple pieces of tape, and mask off everything else to prevent overspray.
3. Practice, practice, practice.
Practice makes perfect... Just keep at it. You will go through quite a few cans before you finally get it down.


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The plasti dip is coming out chunky and not like paint at all? It's not working very well for me. And I'm shaking the can very vigorously for a solid minute, not sure what's going on...
Whats the temp? You usually want to spray it at 70 degrees or warmer, too cold and it will come out just like you are saying. You may even want to submerge the can (not completely) in a thing of warm water to give it a good internal temperature.
You just gotta work with the angles, my wheels were tricky to do because of all the curves, I didn't want to spray too heavily in one spot and too thin in another.
I put like 7-8 coats on. And I used like 2 & 1/6 of a can
I call BS on 4 cans for an entire car. I plasti dipped my friends entire car and we used about 15 cans and should have used more.
Ok about five cans max with left overs its about 2-3 coats of paint about two hr max n touch up with one can here n there but very easy to clean.
It took me and my friend 15 cans to do his and we still didn't have enough. An entire car with 4 is IMPOSSIBLE.
6 cans of black and 9 cans of blue.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Sedan

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Mid-size car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Mid-size car
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1 - 8 of 76 Posts
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