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I took the mustang out for the last spin for the year the other day... I was getting onto the highway and really got on it. I didnt "drop the clutch". (the tires would just spin all day) I got it going, then put the pedal to the floor, got to about redline (6000-6500?) I went to shift into second, but i couldnt get it in there, there was a bit of grinding, I disengaged and re-engaged the clutch trying to get it in any gear, and it finally settled in 4th.

Now... its very hard to get into gear. The tranny grinds when getting into 1st, and the others are difficult/ sometimes impossible. I looked at the release arm, the cable at both ends, and made adjustments, no issues with that. The clutch slips when i give it a good amount of throttle.

It seems like the clutch isnt making good contact with the flywheel...for some reason...
My first guess was broken cable/ cable out of adjustment. After adjusting, its better but not fixed.
since this was a sudden occurance i dont think its the friction plate being worn...
Ive heard of "glazing" but i'm all out of ideas. This is the first issue ive had with the clutch. (aside from the pedal being pretty hard to push down)
I just wanted some input before i pull it apart...
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