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I had this dream that I was at a school, but it is unfamiliar. I don’t remember much, since I every time I thought of it I forgot some more. Well my mom got a car that is super cool. It is yellow and it is like a sports car, like a mustang or something. It looks like the car in transformers(bumblebee, the cool version). Well I start driving it and I think that im going to crash or get a police ticket. But I don’t.

then I go back to school and this person is keeping track of all the cars that come in. she sees me and lets me into the schools parking lot. Maybe she thought I was someone else or maybe I looked older and she didn’t recognize me. Well while she does that, my hair is fluttering in the breeze and my car is suddenly a convertible, (not transformers, I mean like there is no top, just the front window, and it is cool). So I go and park, and then I get to the school.

Inside a lady sees me and she is going crazy because she thinks that im a delinquent because she saw me riding the car and she thinks ive ditched school. And I also will get in trouble from school and the police since im underage. I tell her not to turn me in since school is going to end soon (it already did, like three weeks have pasted), and the lady in reality is my librarian (she was really nice to me). So the lady let me go.

I see someone I know and then someone they are related to comes in and starts yelling at him. They think that he was driving the car, not me. He says that he didn’t do anything and the only reason he is there is because he got a cut on his elbow and he came for a bandage.

Somewhere in my dream, before that, his brother came and my mom and I had showed him the car and said that it was cool, and he went away.

Then I am outside with mr. cut on his elbow and his relative and we are at their car. I don’t know why, but I followed them outside. And I think he went outside to say hi to his dad in the car, Im not sure. I see my car and I am wondering if he knows anything about it since his brother knows, but It turns out that he doesn’t. the car door is open, and we are talking. I was wondering if I should get into their car.

Im forgetting some parts now. But soon the police are here and they are near my parked car and I know that there is trouble. Im scared because im underage, I don’t know If they knew it was me, and I don’t want anything on my criminal record. I also don’t want it because I don’t want it to affect my chances of going into a great university. But all I remember is that I am not I trouble and I don’t get arrested.

What was my dream about?

I have another dream also.

I had this dream where my aunt (she is not a good person in reality) is at my house. She is in my brothers room, but my brother is not there. There is this tall vase thing, about four feet tall. Inside there is this thing and it rises it “head” from it (I don’t know what it is) it blows out smoke and the smoke travels in the air. If it goes to you, it can control you. Everyone in the house is avoiding it or they didn’t catch the smoke. I don’t remember some parts

Then im in my brothers room and the thing is gone. My cousin is there and he is raping me. Im yelling at him to stop and then I wake up. Im still a virgin, but I feel violated after the dream, buts im making it go away, and it is working, saying that it was a nightmare.

What was that about???
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