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i want 4.10`s but...

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I just got my car not that long ago and the dealer said they could install 4.10`s and a t-lok. But my question is will my top speed always be 83 mph. is there anyway i can increase that. I dont really go that fast often but on the high way i can get up to 90 or so.
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get a chip

if you buy a performance chip that allows you to tell them your mods you can get the chip made to fix speedo, rev limiter, speed limiter so that your car will not loose top end...
btw without the chip you can prolly get around 94 mph with 4.10 gears before you rev limiter is reached
Thanks, up to 94? cool i never go faster then that so i guess im good. Thanks

without the chip, your speedo will say 110mph when youre really going 85mph. you MUST have a chip or speedcal (i hate those and do not endorse them) to recal your speedometer. otherwise you wont get above 85mph with 4.10s.

if you dont get your speedo recalibrated, you will be going a lot slower than your speedo says youre going. also, youll be putting a lot of extra miles on your car. these are refered to as "phantom miles". meaning if you go 1 mile, i could record about 1.2-1.5 depending how fast your going and how far your speedo is off.

getting a chip will correct the speedo and will then allow you to go 110mph in your car with the 4.10s. the reason for the limit of 85-90mph is because of the misadjusted speedo. when i had 4.10s in my car, i was hitting 100mph without a problem, and i have the 98 which used a different speedogear in the tranny to recal it. (whole different story).

basically.. get 4.10s, get a t-lok, and get a chip to recal your speedo. while theyre burning it for the speedo, you can have them remove your top speed limiter, raise your rev limiter if desired, advance timing for more hp, whatever else you want. just make sure to get the chip to correct the speedo, and you can go however fast you want to go and it will be accurate
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