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I want to save this mustang

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Please do! With some work she could be one hell of a ride!
I'm thinking about trading to it with some wheels and the stickers pulled off and lower it I think I would be awesome !!
I don't want to know what they would do to my car lol but I think it will be awesome with a 4v cobra swap:)
I think you'll end up paying the asking price in Goo Gone alone. But dang, thats cheap for what you get. Nice looking car with alot of potential
If I get it I'm gonna wet sand and buff it
I'm from mt.sterling.... dde0e
U ever seen this car? Know who it is?
It looks good. A little cosmetics will go a long way.
I'm from sterlin too and I've never seen it. Where u from turbo ford?
He's from London like me. lol

I remember a yellow one with black stripes that used to run around town about 4 years ago. The owner sold it and I haven't seen it since, must have went off from here.
This is I think was a 66 me my grandfather and dad restored it.for a guy. It had a built 289 hurst short their. Sounded amazing. And didn't look too bad when we got done

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