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SexyStang said:
*Next week I have to change transmission fluid and filter.
*PCV Valve
*Spark Plugs
*Fuel Filter
*Engin oil(high milage)and filter
*Rear Brake Pads
*Turn Roters

I hate spending $$ on maintenance. But I save big bucks doing it at home myself.......If I dont know how to do it. I read my big ford mustang book. I follow the directions like a recipe and everything always works out. lol

Most of that stuff is pretty inexpensive, and easy to do.
I would actually recommecd taking it to a place to get the tranny fluid and filter changed. (just because it can be a #####)
*The PCV valve is very inexpensive and easy to put on. They are 2 bucks at any auto store.

*Spark plugs are pretty inexpensive as well. Depending on the application you got (nitrous, blower, ect.) You would want them gapped differently or a different metal. For a stock application i would recomend Motorcraft Double Platinums. They will last a good 100k miles. They are about 4-6 bucks each. Copper is like 99 cents each, but they last only like 20-30k miles.

*Fuel filter is about $10 bucks, but it also requires a cheap tool to remove the lines from the filter casing. Very easy to do as well.

*Engine oil, any kind of synthectic oil will do fine.

And as for the brakes. By your self the rotors... I would recommend a nice set of powerslots. You will get raped in charges taking it somewhere else when they buy rotors and brakes. Ford estimated me 600 for rotors... When power slots are $200. :rolleyes:
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