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I'm nervous driving my mustang?

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I have a 1982 mustang with a fresh 5.0 and 5 speed in it. I haven't been it anything sporty for a long time. I get nervous driving my car because it seems really fast and its loud. I cant think when I driving it. It doesn't seem like it should have more than 250 hp. Here is the specs. ford 302 with explorer gt40 cylinder head, edelbrock performer intake, crank scraper, 226 duration with 466 lift camshaft and headers with flowmasters. How much hp is this combo? Im running no accessories.
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It was barely 215 hp. to begin with so you may have 250 hp. conservatively, no more than that. I guess it has a 3.55 gear which is pretty snappy.
Hope you have Frame connectors because the stock 157HP 5.0 would rip the substandard floors in the early 80s ponies. Why did you buy it if it scares the hell out you?
I don't know how much horsepower this will put out, but I do know that you need a testosterone supplement.
LoL you're overwhelmed by the mustang, get a mini :p
IDK but if you're scared to drive it, give it to me LOL
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