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I thought I would share this with people who are looking into our kits.
The site sells a kit that is a great one size fits all deal. With the exception of the camshaft which you get to choose. That kit is designed to provide many carefree trouble free miles of performance while adding a lot of nice HP.

However the Kit can be much more than that. If you really like to push the envelope of your V6 we can do that as well.
The site is vague in this because it is not yet done.
The ordering process is setup in such fashion that when you make an order you will not all of a sudden receive a package with the kit in it.
You will be contacted by myself most likely or Steve and asked to verify your current setup and where you want to go with your car and setup.
From there we can take it from rather mild to extreme all the way like we have here.

But the mild kits are what we built as very driver friendly or being a daily driver. And those kits produce at least 60 HP.

Taking it to the next level is where the fun is at, but it is only for those who don’t mind going in and maybe having to rebuild when the going gets tough.
Just like I mentioned before in another post, we shift some of these over 6000 RPM’s. Can I look you in the eye and say “Sure, shift it at 6,300 and she will never break down on you.” No, but we can very easily take you there if that is where you want to go.
220 RWHP is very doable, but asking this kit to make that happen with no other modifications is crazy. But I like crazy.

This kit was created to enable the end user to get a very nice increase in power on a stock setup. With the exception of the cam and RR, absolutely no part on these cars have been taken off and replaced or had any additional modifications done. We took stock parts and modified them and that was it. No high flow cats or any other trick.

If you think the numbers are too tame, you must keep in mind that this is a stock setup.
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