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Insight from all please!

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So it's the classic V6 debate...
I think I want to sell my V6 and buy a 5 speed GT.... However I really like my after market hood and bumpers

So... Should I convert my V6's body back to stock using junk yard parts or should I leave my stuff on it and sell it?

Any ideas what mine would go for? 2001 V6 Auto with 53K? Some mods are in my signature!
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I bought my 02 V6 Mustang in May for $7300. It was almost mint. Only thing wrong was the stereo was busted (planned on replacing anyways) and just a few rock chips nothing major. Only had 37k miles on it. So I would say you would get maybe $7000 on the high end, even with mods.

What year GT? I would get a newer model if you sell it. Shoot the new V6 mustangs got some good power and even better gas mileage. Think those things get like 30 to the gallon highway.
Agreed. I actually wont buy a car unless it is stock.
Well good thing it will be easy to turn my car stock lol.

Edit: well I guess I did add the hood scoop and fog lights. But at least they look stock lol.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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