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Tools needed

Rachet, Sockets (8mm, 10mm, 13mm), Pry Bar, Shifter Gasket from Shifter You can also purchase your Stteda Tri-Ax Shifter from here as well and recieve the Shifter Gasket Free.

This shifter was installed on an 1995 V6 Mustang. Depending on the year of your car the steps may vary for installation. 94-2004 should be the same however, excluding the 03-04 Cobra and 2000 Cobra R.


1. Remove the Stock Shifter Knob

Its just like a screw, just grab the shifter knob, and unscrew it.

2. Remove the shifter Console Bezel

Using a rag and a flat head screw driver pry up on the shifter bezel to lift it out. Once you pop it out, just lift it up "SLOWLY". There are wires connected to it. Unplug the wires going to the accessory outlet then you can fully remove it.

3. Remove the Shifter Handle

Using a 10mm socket or wrench remove the shifter handle.

4. Remove the Brass Shift Boot Plate

There are four bolts on the brass shift boot plate. You can see them in the first picture of step 3. Remove the four bolts using a 8mm socket. Once they are removed lift up and remove the brass plate, and the rubber shift boot.

5. Unbolt the shifter from the tranny

There are 4 bolts holding the factory shifter to the transmission. Remove them with a 13mm socket. Once you remove all four bolts then its time to remove the shifter.

6. Remove the factory shifter from the tranny

The shifter is held on by silicone gasket so its a little tough to get off. Use a pry bar and pry it off and you'll be all set. Steeda's site says to use a block of wood and it will break free but I tried it and it didn't work. The pry bar worked like in the first picture below. You may also re-attatch the shifter handle and use it as leverage. You can move the shifter handle side to side and then back to front to help in removing the shifter from the transmission. Pull back and upward slightly on the shifter handle an the shifter should pop right off. Be careful that the shifter does not hit anything, including you, when it pops off.

7. Plastic Bushing

Make sure the plastic bushing is still in the transmission, it may be stuck on the factory shifter. If it is, remove it and put it in place.

8. Remove Old Gasket

Get some paper towels and stuff then inside the transmission so you don't get the gasket material in the transmission. I used a chisel to remove my old gasket. You can use anything, knife razor blade whatever gets the job done.

9: Install High Temp Gasket

Now simply place your High Temp Shifter Gasket on the shifter bezel and then place the new shifter on top of it.

Notes: Now installation is the the same as removing it pretty much. Yet, there are a few differences.

Steeda says: "Don't reuse the factory bolts, they are too short for the new shifter."

Yet, I REUSED my stock bolts and they worked fine and are holding the triax in perfectly.

OR if you prefer you can run to the hardware store and buy some: m8 x 1.25 by 25mm long stainless steel.


Directly from Steeda's How-To:

1. SET THE SHIFTER STOPS as follows:

* Back off the stop bolts so that the shifter moves freely into all gears

* Place the shifter in third gear. Push forward firmly on the lever while turning the stop bolt in by hand until it contacts the shift lever. Once the stop bolt contacts the shift lever, back off the bolt 1/6 turn, until there is a small air gap (about .010") between the shift lever and the stop, while still applying pressure to the lever. Pushing on the lever takes all of the slack or play out of the linkage, ensuring you get the proper adjustment.

* Hold the bolt with a 1/2" wrench while tightening the jam nut against the shifter tower with another wrench.

* Double check the space between the shift lever and the stop bolt. When you push very hard on the shift lever it should barely contact the stop bolt, but when you let go of the lever it should not touch the bolt, but instead have a small air gap between them.

* Place the shifter in second gear and adjust the other stop bolt as outlined above.

* Shift the shifter through all gears and double check the stop clearance in each gear. The shifter must be able to shift freely into all gears without interference from the stop bolts.

Me setting the bolt stops:

Well that's it! Hope you enjoy your new shifter. Here is a picture of it completely installed in my car:


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