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So, swapping out the junky 3 speed set up on my 1967 mustang (3.3L 200 inline 6 motor). Putting in a rebuilt C4 and having some troubles. I have everything hooked up, torque converter to flexplate, no troubles, and tranny is bolted to the engine block. My problem is that, when I was bolting up the torque converter, the flexplate spun around for me to mat all 4 bolts. Once I had the tranny bolted to the engine block, it won't spin freely anymore. And, yes, the gear selector is in Neutral and all 4 tires are off the ground.

So, question is, should it still spin freely enough? If I were to turn the radiator fan, shouldn't it still spin like it did when I was bolting it up? Or shouldn't I be able to spin the drive shaft and get movement?

Side question, but possibly related, I'm not missing anything am I? I have the C4, the proper torque converter and bell housing, the proper flexplate and proper inspection plate. Is there something like a spacer that is supposed to be in there as well? There was nothing when I removed the manual tranny but thought I'd check. Last thing I want to do is spin this thing up and have it tear apart the $400 tranny rebuild.

Any help would be great!!!!!!!
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