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Is a new S550 GT worth it?

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I've been debating for awhile on upgrading to a new S550 GT or switching to something else.

My current stang' is a 2014 V6 base with the 3.7 and 6 speed manual, it is owned and is in very good condition with only 46,000 miles on it. It's FBO ( tuned, exhaust, intake, shifter, aluminum driveshaft, 3.55 gears) with some cosmetics (wheels, Roush grills, gt spoiler), looks great and performs great as well for a 3.7.

It has some issues though despite the mileage and I downsized the family fleet to 2 cars (4runner and the stang) since I no longer commute to an office, which is making the stangs shortcomings more noticeable since it isn't kid friendly as is due to the modifications plus base model S197 normal lack of comfort and tech. Its my go to vehicle when I go out myself but my family doesn't enjoy it (wife and toddler) due to its roughness and I find myself questioning spending more money on it. Going back to stock would be costly and I love the car as is.

Leading to the S550 GT, how much of a leap is it? Ideally I want it to be safe, reliable and fun 100% stock, tired of driving a modified car at the moment.
  • Can it handle being a comfortable cruiser for a 1 year old for occasional long trips?
  • Is the safety truly better than a S197 for rear passengers as I've heard it could be worse due to the slope of the rear in comparison to the S197
  • Lastly would it be impossible to haul both the kid and a dog in a trip in the rear as well?
  • Is there anything the S550 does worse than a S197 that would make more sense to keep my car?

I have a newer 4 runner as well so it the majority of the time we would drive the 4 runner with my son but I need a vehicle that can handle long trips in the summer with a toddler which I'm hoping a stock S550 GT that is new will fit the bill. Asking on the forum as I know I'm going to forget the minute I start a new GT up since I'm a die-hard V8 muscle fan so any weigh in is appreciated.
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My wife gave me the green light to buy a Shelby GT350 that was a couple years old with just a little over 2,000 miles. I sat in it, the interior was beautiful and light years ahead of my 2011 v6 premium. But. The view looking out the windshield was made me feel like I was in a Lincoln town car. The hood was large and long. I didn't even feel I was in a Mustang :(. I guess you would get use to it. I told my wife, I better wait. Check this Forum out. I've been a member since 2012 but don't post very much. Mostly to see how the S550 is doing.

2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) -
People on the F150 Forum I'm a Member of are still having trouble with excessive oil burning and the Engine tick on some of the 5.0.........Sad to say, you would think Ford would have had this fixed after all these years :(
I know this is from an F150 truck Forum. I just read the whole Thread. It appears Ford is still having oil burning problems with the 5.0. It's a good read, read the whole Thread.

2018+ 5.0 Oil Consumption - Ford now says it's software related - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
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