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:cool: Ya know with ALL the Mods that Ive read on Mustang Forums . I rarley see any mention of the Torsen limited sip as an upgrade for their GT's.
Higher gear ratios yes, But never a mention of the Boss 302 Rearend as an upgrade, And You'd think if your adding Horsepower with a tune, exhaust or manifold, that the Rear holding all that extra HP, would be the First area you'd upgrade

So what is so special about the Torsen ?
Are GT Mustangs really running an inferior limited slip rearend :popcorn:

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Lots of people modding up are more interested in straight line performance, which isn't the forte of the Torsen. Road racing and Mustangs are still only a tiny percentage of modders. The Torsen in the Boss is a mixed-purpose design, some straight line, some corner but, not ideally set up for either.

3.73 cars, at least, get the GT500s carbon clutch plate T-Lok LSD, which offers good performance and cheap repairs. With proper setup, it isn't to be underestimated in what it can do.

Upgrading to carbon clutch plates on another T-lok is a couple hundred bucks, WAY less than Torsen pricing.
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