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I have a stock torsen diff that comes in the track pack and was wondering if there is a better one.
And if it is worth it or not to upgrade
There are a lot of different differentials, depending on what you plan on doing you can go from an "open diff" all the way to a Powertrax "Locked Differential" there are pros and cons to each. If your car is a drag car and that's it, look at the PowerTrax locking differential, both wheels spin the same no matter what, it's horrible for daily driving and road courses as you will get excessive tire wear on corners. There is the Torsen which is what you have, this transfers power through a worm gear or clutch pads to allow the other wheel to provide power, best for day to day and track days. Then there is positraction which is a cone/ clutch pack and it only transfers about 20% of power to the wheel with traction. Best bet is to keep the Torsen as they are pretty expensive upfront, but generally don't need any maintenance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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