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Is this a affordable lifestyle goal?is it possible?

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Is this a reasonable goal for life?
I want a porsche, not a brand spanking new top of the line 911, but maybe the caymen or or a cheaper 911.
I also would like a 1968 mustang 302 v8
and a newer mustang v6
also i would love a large property with a one levelled house, maybe worth 400,000 dollars?

Is this a reasonble goal? what knid of income do i need to eventually obtain this?
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Anything is possible. It's also good to dream big.
You'll need the kind of income that usually comes with a master's degree. Or you need to learn how to save and make your money work for you.
Your goals are reasonable. A 400k house will run you about $3000 a month, then you need to pay for lights and everything else. Let's say you pay for 2 of the cars cash and have a car payment on the porshe of $400. Factoring other basics like food, your minimum need would be $4000 per month- take home. Remember taxes come out of every check. So you're looking at somewhere around $55-$60k a year to just scrape by.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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