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A big congratulations goes to DDTCM for winning January's Mustang of The Month. Honorable mention goes to NicholasP, as both NicholasP, and DDTCM were in a two-way tie for first place resulting in a runoff between them.

After securing two more votes DDTCM, says he will not be celebrating his recent victory at Disney contrary to popular belief. Instead, he will be sipping an ice-cold beer with his dog, Bella. On the weekends when DDTCM is not at the dog park, or playing with his kids, you can find him out cursing the mean streets of Texas either by himself, or with tons of other Mustang owners.

Although you won't find DDTCM at many car shows, his Mustang will still be noticeable, as he still hasn't finished modding it yet. Future plans for this Mustang include a Centri blower to go along with the Boss Manifold, full suspension, and a California Special valance for the front. This is one Mustang that you won't want to miss congratulations on your victory.


DDTCM's 2011 Black GT


DDTCM's son pictured after helping install the Boss Manifold.


Putting his son to work polishing his Roush Axle Backs before installation.
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