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I won a great set of quarter louvers that matched my paint on my car, torch red.

On eBay, the seller was wanting $135 buy it now, but since no one else had bid, I got them for $40. These are the mmd classic style louvers, not cheap eBay ones.

Anyways, there's no kit for putting it on so I've been looking through threads. And would like some confirmation with those who did this before.

I clean both louvers and window with alcohol pads.

Spray the 3m adhesive binder to both window and louvers.

Use 3m locking tape on the louvers and carefully place on window.

After set, hold down for at least a minute.

OK, sounds simple enough. However. It's been storming one day and the next 30 degrees.

Will the weather harm the adhesive to the window and not stick as good, and after I place them on, can I still drive right after?

I don't want to risk going down the road and one flies off hitting another car or gets ran over lol.

Thanks in advance.

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