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Just Placed Orders

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Very nice rims Sharum, you did realize you have to buy the Center caps separate, it said right there they aren't included?
Thanks man. Yeah, did notice that. Not a big deal tho. I'm going to wait another week for my paycheck and order wheel locks and chrome center caps straight from Steeda. It's better that way because then I can get the chrome center caps instead of the pictured blue ones.
OK, didn't want you to get your rims and not have center caps, that would be a bummer I know! If you ever decide you would rather have 95 Cobra R style, I might consider driving up to VA to trade with ya, might even give you a little boot, lol. ;)
nice man, I am lookin into rims right now, want chrome but dont want the price.
Polished Stainless steel rims would be nice if they could make them light enough, lol, and inexpensive enough, no worries about rust or corrosion there!
They do make those wheels I got in polished stainless steel for like $80 less. But I figured I'd pay the little bit extra to get chrome ;)
Nice choice on tires...I have them. Great traction wet and dry, get a little vibration when there cold though.

EDIT: didn't relize you had a link for em :)
Nice ;) I compared them for a while to the BF Goodrich G-Force's but these by far had better reviews... plus they were $1 cheaper lol.

And Brent... get over it... these will own the I's once I get some pics lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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