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Ok, I have a 13 gt, noticed a noise in the front end with in the first 200 miles.. Took it in and they said it was the lower control arms and that they would have to order the parts as they are on back order.. Ok fine.. I'm good with that.. 1 1/2 months later I get the call that the parts came in and they are ready to install...great I say...

I will get my car back today after my wife gets off work, but I did go out and pick up the keys and I stop by to check it out...while I picked up my keys I read on the receipt that they only replaced 1 of the control arms.. Here's my questions....

Wasn't there a recall for the lcas, and if so why would they not replace both of them?

Question number 2 is if you replace the lca should you do a front end alignment or are you ok with just replacing the lca and be on your way?
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