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So I've had a 9 LED in my dome light for a couple weeks now. I got some new bulbs in to make it a lil' brighter and had a problem with it, curious if anyone can help me out and tell me why...

I put a 9 LED bulb in each map light (they only turn on with the buttons, of course), and I changed the dome light to a 30 LED. When I did this, the Dome light stayed on, it wouldn't turn off. I even took out the 30 LED dome and put in the original 9 LED I had in it previously...Still stayed on. Basically, it stayed on until I took out the map lights (put regular non-LED bulbs back in each). I put the 30 LED in the dome and it turns on and off just fine.

Wondering if anyone knows what in the world is going on...Cause' I certainly have NO idea...
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