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Led Side Marker Light Replacment Questioun

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Hello All I was curious if anyone has replaced the front and rear marker lights with an led set from am, or diode dynamics or equivalent etc...
I was told that on the 2012 since it did not originally come with led's replacing all four markers would cause a low voltage reading on the body control module and the car would always think it has lights out. I would imagine a load resistor would prevent this but all the parts I've seen seem not have one. I know my radio gets static when ever the brake pedal is pressed due to the led high mount replacement not having a resistor so i figured maybe there was some truth to what I heard about the side markers.
Thank you for any replies
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I have no clue, but it sounds plausible. I would think that If you’re buying direct replacements, this would have been taken into consideration. Contact the manufacturer (or even AM) and pose this same question.

If you go this route, be sure to let us know how it turns out.
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