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We often show off the new creations from Roush, Shelby, Steeda and the other big name tuners. We would be remised in our duties if we didn’t include some of the lesser known products and cars from the up and comers out there. To wit, LSP Motorsports has announced the their latest new models.

They have added two new Legend Mustang models to their collector lineup of classic themed muscle cars. Principle Steve Pande rolled out the newest features to his high-horsepower stable at the Bristol Fun Ford event, even taking to the dragstrip for a quick quarter-mile run in his modified Legend X edition.

Pande partnered with Legend builder John Temple to create a boost in horsepower to the already-muscular 650hp Legend X car. In addition to a proprietary custom tune, Temple upgraded aftermarket performance cams and a high-output 2.6 blower to boost Pande¹s Legend X drivetrain power up to 730 hp. This translates to 601 rwhp. Pande also added a sleek Legend Series 1 convertible to his collection.


There is more to this story than just a car. LSP Motorsports operates a classic restoration business, with proceeds earmarked for charity. Pande is most proud of his organization¹s contribution to Place of Hope, which has to date built nine foster homes through LSP’s efforts.

Pande’s LSP collection, which recently numbered up to 64 cars, these days hovers somewhere in the mid-50¹s. His ‘67 Mustang “Nightmare” is recognized as one of the ten best retro cars in the world. Which may explain the inspiration for Pande’s next project with Temple Performance Cars: a Legend “Triple-X” (XXX) model at 900hp output, an all-glass canopy top, and of course a finish in triple-black paint color.

“I’m into horsepower,” states Pande of his LSP collection. “You walk through the collection and add up the horsepower, there really are few rivals.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Temple Performance Cars designs, builds and markets its newest series of Legend Mustangs for the road or track: Visit LSP Motorsports¹ website at
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