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First off, congrats. Secondly, finish your suspension before anything else. These cars have more than enough power and the suspension is the Achilles heel. What you've chosen already leaves you unfinished and under utilized. Get a decent set of shocks to go with your springs, the FR non adjustables are more than adequate and compliment your springs. Invest in the gt500 strut mounts, you'll have to replace them regardless when you make the spring swap, unless you want them to start popping and getting noisy. Camber bolts are a cheap and reliable solution to keep your front end aligned. BMR or Eibach produces a great product. Mine as well get the front done all at once. As far as rear suspension goes, personally I'm a big fan of BMR products. But there's plenty out there, search the forum, and google can be your best friend. LCA's are a must. With your vehicle being lowered I highly recommend LCA Relocation brackets. The UCA and UCA Mount are weak points as well. The non-Adjustable control arms for both upper and lower are perfectly fine unless your trying to dial in your car at the drag strip for the perfect launch at to drop .01 off your 60ft. Don't be concerned with sway bars, they are more than adequate for all around use. Only ever need to be changed if you have a dedicated autocross or track car. I would follow suspension with brakes, i know you have the Brembo's, but upgrading the pads, brake lines, and fluid to a DOT4 will make a world if difference. If you have any money left after all this, my next mod would be a tune. Even with your vehicle 100% stock, a tune will benefit you greatly. Night and day difference even in stock form. But the question arises. What's your opinion on your warranty, if you still have one. If your not concerned about it, tune. I recommend the SCT Handheld, not a fan of diablo or any of the wireless devices on the market at the moment. The best tune you can get will come from a dyno and a experienced tuner. In the meantime, BAMA tunes from AM are great and safe. But AED, VMP, Steeda, Lund, Brenspeed, and so on are all good in their own right and can be far more aggressive. After your suspension is done and you have her tunes throw a set of axel backs on her and call it a day. Pick your poison with mufflers, I'm not going to begin to recommend anything. People's taste in sound varies drastically. When it comes time for performance, forget the TB, Coil Packs, and Shorty Headers. They're all useless. CAI's are question, but I'm a firm believer in them helping. I've seen it with my own eyes. I love the Boss IM, I lost no power down low, and my tuner utilized the powerband up top without having to rev to 7500 rpm. LT's and a O/R XorH pipe will yield the most gains. The factory OTA pipes IMO are a joke too narrow, too many hard bends and pinch points, and the resonators are a joke. The power gains from OTA will be minimal at best, but there's something there and I changes the tone of your exhaust and creates a more free flowing path for the gases. I could ramble for days and I apologize for the length of this post. These are just my opinions and the best advice I can give. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. If I don't know the answer, I can find them. Good luck and be safe!

BTW, this was my 1000th post. You win. Lol
^that should be a scripture in the Mustang Bible.....lots of good stuff!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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